Peyman Golden Rules

Always so fresh
We pack our products in a conserving atmosphere by adding nitrogen with a purity of 99.999 %. This way, the oxygen as a gas constituting 21% of the nature is expelled in order to extend the shelf life of products. Moreover, we do not use flour which causes spoilage of food, shortening of shelf life and stinking. After delicately preparing the products, we pack them in special three-layer packages for maximum freshness.
For keeping it fresh for a long time, we recommend storing Peyman products in vacuumed glass bottles, if possible, after opening the packages. If such storage containers are not available, you can consume products as fresh as the first day by using special locks of our packs.

Bu tazeliğin uzun süre devam edebilmesi için, paketleri açtıktan sonra Peyman ürünlerini kapağı vakumlu ve mümkünse cam kaplarda saklamanızı öneririz. Eğer böyle bir saklama kabınız yoksa, paketlerimizin özel kilidini kullanarak ürününüzü uzun süre ilk günkü tazeliği ile kullanabilirsiniz.

Always the same flavor and quality
We pay attention to use domestic raw materials and offer top quality products only. We are not allowing any production or packaging activities not complying with Turkish Food Codex. We supply our products in full compliance with Turkish Food Codex, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HALAL management systems throughout the entire process from raw material purchasing to production, to packaging and to shipping.
Please think again before eating unreliable products that are not packaged under hygienic conditions or not supplied under the manufacturer’s/brand’s guarantee. Do not forget to check expiry dates of the shelf products.

Consume safely
safelyWe do not use lard or derivatives in our products. We do not use saturated fat for frying either as it causes cardiovascular diseases. We prefer unsaturated varieties.

Remember to use products with high level of unsaturated fat for your health. Products with high level of saturated fat increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

Both nice and delicious
deliciousWe fry our nuts homogenously in high technology roasting ovens by keeping product deformation at minimum level. This way, we produce nuts which are not only healthy and delicious, but also look good. Furthermore, we value R&D and product development. For example, we produced Turkey’s the first and only taco flavored sunflower seeds and obtained the seven-year production patent right.

Do not hesitate to try new tastes. Thanks to the production technologies and innovations we follow up closely, we are trying to present not only classical but also innovative tastes to you. Our upcoming products are the fruits of these efforts…