Merged with 3 dried nut companies, all established in Eskisehir and experienced over 60 years in industry, Peyman was founded in 1995. Undergoing a branding process since 2001, Peyman has managed to transform from a local player to one of the major brands in Turkish dried nut industry.

Reaching out to its consumers with a wide range of products including dried nuts and dried fruits, Peyman distinguishes as an industry leader with its innovative approach. With a precise understanding of its consumers’ demands and quests for new tastes, Peyman unites its products under four main brands namely Bahçeden, Çitliyo, Dorleo and Nutzz. Peyman always prioritizes high-quality and food safety as a player in global market and a manufacturer at global standards. Peyman holds BRC (British Retail Consortium), FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and Halal Food Certificates at national and international food standards.

Peyman’s investments also add value to Turkish dried nut industry. Peyman recently entered into an investment for a large factory in Eskisehir in order to meet increasing demands in national and international markets and to realize innovations. Expected to start manufacturing with full capacity in the first half of 2018, factory is built on a total space of 50.000 m2 with an indoor area of 25.000 m2 and is equipped with 18 silos having production capacity of 45.000 tons and storage capacity of 6.000 tons.

Offering its products to Turkish consumers through its widespread network of sales since 1995, Peyman now exports to more than 40 countries reaching gourmets all around the world. Peyman makes its impression across wide global markets from the US, to Russia, from Middle East countries to Australia.

Peyman’s Milestones

1995 – Three dried nut factories of Eskisehir merged their fifty-year experiences to establish Peyman Gıda A.Ş. Never compromising on product and service quality, Peyman rapidly grew thanks to its self-disciplined and stable course and managed to expand its distribution network basing on its countrywide infrastructure.

2000 – Today’s factory, capable of manufacturing at global standards, was founded. Accelerated its investments in packaged dried nuts.

2004 – Peyman adopted its new logo. Featuring high quality standards, Peyman began to use three-fold aluminum air-lock packages, thus offered “freshness in dried nuts” to its customers.

2005 – Peyman quality was awarded with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certificates. Production hygiene reached European standards. Peyman logo and packaging designs were registered in forty-four countries.

2006 – Securing its existence in national market, Peyman sustained expanding its distribution network. Hitting the shelves in the most prominent national chain stores, Peyman achieved to reach a wider range of consumers.

2007 – Expedited its investments to respond growing market share. Started constructing the first stage of new factory established on a space of 59.000 m2 in Eskisehir, Peyman’s place of birth.

2008 – Signed a partnership agreement with Esas Holding in April. While protecting its corporate brand identity, Peyman offered Dorleo, its first sub-brand, to its customers as a traditional dried nuts brand in June 2008. Peyman launched Dorleo campaign through television commercials and radio advertisements and billboards. Boosting its quality standards, Peyman obtained ISO 22000 certificate.

2009 – Peyman launched Citliyo campaign, another sub-brand, with Turkish actors from BKM Mutfak, through television commercials and billboards.

Smash hit “Citliyo” campaign by Peyman was granted the “Crystal Apple Award.

The brand ‘Bahçeden’ began to hit the shelves.

2010 – Relaunching campaigns for Dorleo and Çitliyo brands were conducted with BKM Mutfak actors through television and radio commercials and billboards.

2011 –Peyman’s youngest brand, Nutzz was launched with 21 different spot films.

Bahceden brand blazed a trail in health snacks category with its new “flavor locked” packages.

2012 – A new campaign of 24 spots was launched for Nutzz brand. Dorleo brand products also hit the shelves with their new “flavor locked” packages.

2013 – While Peyman increased its export to “44” countries, it became the first Turkish company to export packaged dried nuts to Japan and Cuba.

2014 –  Peyman became the first Turkish company to export packaged pistachios to China.

2016 – Peyman expedited its national and international investments after incorporated with Bridgepoint in June.

2016 – A relaunching campaign was organized for Citliyo brand in November. The brand’s logo and all packaging have changed while improving its flavor and quality.

2016 – Çitliyo was relaunched through television commercials billboards and digital platforms.

2016 – Production for Sunflower seed kernels began under Çitliyo brand. Product was offered in two versions, “cheese” and “hot”.

2016 –  The first jingle and radio spot campaign was launched for “Bahceden”, the most popular healthy dried nuts and fruits brand in Turkey, in November. Making a hit with its lyrics and sound, this was an inception to meet Bahceden world with consumers.

2017 – Mini shots for TL 1 and TL 2 was offered for out-of-home consumption in January. Product portfolio covered brands Peyman, Bahçeden, Çitliyo and Nutzz. ın addition, Nutzz Popcorn was launched to enter into popcorn category for the first time.

Growth in export was accelerated. Peyman products were exported to a wide global market extending from the US to Russia, from Middle East Countries to Australia.